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5 Tools You Need to Be Using in Your Wedding Business

May 15, 2018

Create fresh content. Post on social media daily. Drive more traffic. Build a unique website that doesn’t look like a template. Do these tasks give you that familiar stomach knot? Are you a wedding professional or creative entrepreneur trying to do it all on your own? If you’re nodding your head, just chill your grill for a moment and get ready to start bookmarking. We’ve rounded up our five favorite tools for wedding professionals — tools you should be using in your wedding business ASAP. And, at the risk of sounding presumptuous, we’re pretty sure this list will change your life.

Now get to it, boss!


tools for wedding professionals


#1 | Planoly: The Instagram Tool 

Do you take time out of your hectic schedule to format and write an Instagram post every day? If so, mad props. Most of us don’t have the time or mental energy to squeeze Instagram in as often as we would like. If this is taking a toll on you, get ready to cry giant tears of joy. Planoly is a platform that allows you to upload images from your desktop computer, type and save captions, drag and drop images to build a beautiful home screen grid and, most importantly, schedule your formatted posts. To sweeten the deal, Planoly offers a free account with 30 image uploads per month.


#2 | Stock Photography: The Branding Tool

You might be thinking stock photography is tacky or ugly. (It totally isn’t.) You might be thinking it isn’t something you can use. (We promise it is.) You might even be a photographer. (So you can totally do it yourself, right?) But  take a moment and hear us out on this one. Now that you’re ready to rock-n-roll with Planoly, we highly recommend getting familiar with the world of styled stock, which is a super important part of our content creation process. Why? Integrating stock photography has allowed us to do four very important things:

• Build a visually compelling and professional brand overnight

• Make social media posts even if we don’t have fresh content in our queue

• Drive traffic to our blog via Pinterest

• Save a TON of time

You want a professional brand, yes? A beautiful Instagram feed? Pins that your potential clients aren’t just saving, but actually clicking? Oh yeah, and you probably want all of these things without breaking your back, right? Major key alert—stock photography is the answer. Here are a few of our favorite stock sites, just to get you started:

Kate Max Stock

Twigy Posts

SC Stockshop


tips for wedding professionals


#3 | Canva: The Marketing Content Tool

Before we talk about all the awesome things Canva can do for you, we want to get something straight: Pinterest is NOT social media! It’s a search engine. The primary purpose of setting up your business account on Pinterest is to send traffic to YOUR website, not a trillion other websites. Capiche?

Now that you understand what you should be using Pinterest for, say hello to Canva, a free platform where creating marketing materials is a piece of cake. You’ve probably saved at least a few eye-catching pins with titles like, “5 Tools For Wedding Professionals,” or perhaps, “5 Simple Cocktails You Can Make at Home.”  Have you ever wondered how to create a beautiful, notice-me pin that will effectively drive traffic your website? Or perhaps a gorgeously designed promotion for Facebook? Now you totally can with Canva. (And your beautiful styled stock!)


#4 | Tailwind: The Pinterest Tool

Truthfully, this one doesn’t even need an elevator pitch. If you’re serious about your Pinterest game (as you should be) then signing up for an account with Tailwind is a no-brainer. This platform allows you to upload, schedule and automatically post pins, essentially putting your Pinterest account on temporary autopilot.


#5 | Showit: The Beautiful Website Tool

Last but not least, Showit is our absolute favorite platform for creative website design. If you’re a creative stuck between a rock and a hard place—aka Squarespace and WordPress—then Showit is definitely for you. This dynamic platform allows you FULL drag-and-drop control with your design (we like to call it Photoshop for websites) and a ridiculously cool option to customize your WordPress blog directly through the Showit 5 builder. It seriously, seriously rocks. How much will you have to fork over for such a rockin’ tool, you ask? The basic account is on par with a Squarespace business account. No joke, no contest y’all.


Now that you have five fabulous tools for wedding professionals added to your entrepreneurial arsenal, are you ready to learn more about how to use them? We’ve got some awesome tips in-queue for you, so make sure to sign up for our newsletter below (we won’t flood your inbox, we promise)!

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